Something about me….

After completing a degree at St John’s University in literature, I was accepted to study art at the Cooper Union in NY. This unexpected opportunity changed my life. I went onto a career in photography and teaching, and love both.

Throughout my life, I’ve stared at people without shame. It’s an enduring pleasure of mine. As a kid, I was scolded for what I later transformed into my life’s work.  My portraits are as much about me as my subjects. They offer clues to my own fantasies, uneasiness, strength, and vulnerability.  My work is an attempt to understand and embrace the world around me, and the only truth I can lay claim to is my own. My teaching and my relationship with my students keep me connected, challenged, alive, and authentic.

Obsessed with living creatures, walking in the woods, the people I adore, and thoughts of my own mortality, I live upstate NY, where I continue to work and enjoy the feeling of being at home.